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Baseball Throw Bag

$50 (+ Tax in OH)


Do not let the fact that you do not have a throwing partner, or if you are unable to throw outside (likely because of weather) keep you from getting your arm in shape or keeping your arm in shape.

The best way to make your arm strong is to throw.  Quality throws with proper mechanics in any setting is possible. 

You can throw in front of the mirror, you can throw in the living room, you can throw in a small space. 

1) Open the Throw Bag wide enough to place your throwing hand and a baseball within it.

2) Grab the ball with your throwing hand and slip both into the opening.

3) Use your non-throwing hand to grasp the fastener end-pull and tighten the bag comfortable around your wrist-not too lose or too tight! Secure the wrist fastener and make sure the bad doesn't slip off your wrist.

4) Make a few easy test throws to make sure the bag is securely fastened and comfortable.

5) Use the "ball feeder" to flip the ball back into your throwing hand after each throw.

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