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Special Report

                 It's that time again... This is one of the approximately 2-3 times during the year that I get inundated with calls from parents asking my opinion on attending Showcases and/or "Select" Camps.  So let me share my thoughts with a number of parents and players with this Special Report.  Our coaches are also getting "hit" by coaches and directors asking for recommendations so that they can accumulate names and send out their literature about their up-coming events...                                 

                 A few guys are prepared to attend a " Select" Camp or a  Showcase; most are not!  The most discouraging thing for me to see is a player who has skills and some ability attend all the Showcases in a given area because he thinks that he is actively being recruited by a college or university.  In reality, the generic form letter he is receiving is actually being forwarded to hundreds of players in hopes that the school or Showcase sponsor will attract a large number of players for their respective event. Everybody is NOT a D-1 Prospect and should NOT be attending events geared for those who are D-1 Prospects.   And, that's O.K. Go where you can play.  Don't let ego get in the way.  That's a huge mistake.



                Here's the real deal and until you, or someone else can prove me wrong, it is not even a gamble..... it's a bad deal on most player's part to attend.  Stop what you are doing right now and look in the mirror.  Tell me right now what "projected" level you are capable of playing upon graduation from high school.  If you don't know ask me; if you know that is great.  But is it an accurate appraisal?  What is it based on?  Who has advised you of this level?


                 Spending money unwisely is foolish.  Attending events that are advertised as an opportunity to take your talent to a higher level are not always what they say they fact, a lot of parents spend money foolishly by enabling their sons to attend events that are not really geared to the player's projected level of play.  Instead of just going to a lot of Showcase/"Select" Camp activities, it would be much more advantageous for the parents to spend the funds on helping the player improve his skills so that when it really is a time to market the player's skills, he is prepared!

That's what makes sense.


                Here is what a player needs and what a coach looks for in a player:

1) Foot Speed

2) Strong Arm

3) Defensive Skill to play a position

4) Contact Hitting

5) Power Hitting

                In addition we would suggest the player have the following:

1) Soft Hands

2) Quick Feet

3) Good Body Balance

4) Instinct to Play

5) Good Reactions


                It's important that you position yourself to get the necessary visibility and exposure needed.  Definitely, the earlier the better....but, you must be willing to invest some time until you have acquired enough of the above to make a great showing in a Showcase/"Select" Camp environment.   Players and Parents Must

own up to this fact.


                Are you a believer?  Trust me, we can help you and show you the ropes if

you are willing to listen.  Having been through the process probably more than anyone who is receiving this Special Report, I am willing to say I was wrong if I tell someone that he is not a D-1 prospect.  I can own up to this.  But, if I am right on and suggest that you are NOT prepared to attend a D-1 event and you find that I am correct, are you willing to admit that you made a mistake? 


                Having an advocate who can say the right thing to a decision-maker is in your favor.  Call me and let's set up a game plan to meet your need.  I will be glad to

go over details and more about what to do, what to look for and how to properly position yourself for the challenge.  Good luck and if you are one of those players or the parent of a player who is set about doing it without our counsel, we say Good Luck to you.  Stay in touch,


Ron Golden, Director

Ron Golden's Baseball Academy


PS - Our #1 Prospect this year, from the class of 2015, never attended a Showcase

        or participate in a college's "Select" Camp during his high school career.  And,

        NO, he was not "lucky" to attract and accept a D-1 Scholarship.  The cream 

        rises (as the expression goes)!  He followed a plan and it worked... 

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