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Summer Player Development Academy


The program began in 2002 and was exclusively geared to college players who resided in central Ohio. It has always been a 5 week program (primarily conducted during the month of July). Beginning with July, 2010 the composition of the group will include “selected”

high school participants. The intent is to blend together players with a sincere desire to improve their game during this “brief” time frame. While the size of the group does not usually exceed a dozen players, a lot of the work is relegated to “live” hitting in the cages

and bullpen / defensive work for the pitchers. We utilize the small–group format so that each player will “max” out on his skills as a result of the sound instructional opportunity that he will receive.

Players actually ‘fine tune’ their skills as a result of the number of ‘quality reps’ they get each day. Our staff works with each player to make whatever necessary adjustment is needed from both the technical and mechanical aspect of the skill that is required. Work

takes place in Huntington Park.

We often include guys who are undergoing “rehab” or who just need a lot of time to be prepared for the fall season when they report to school. We also work with players and assist them with training and conditioning that is baseball specific. Our group is composed

of pitchers and position players.  The program is totally developmental and not competitive. The ratio is approximately 4–




The ability of the player to be available each weekday in the morning (meaning that the player has NO work responsibility or job to attend prior to 12:00 noon)!



· Workout Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

· There are no games, no evening sessions and no weekend sessions

· Players workout in T–shirt, shorts, running shoes and spikes

· Hitters use wood bats



· Hitting drills – situational and “live” work

· Defensive drills – taking a lot of ground balls and fly balls

· Pitchers work includes – whatever bullpen throwing they need and defensive work

like the position players take

· Training & Conditioning – working on agility, quickness, balance, flexibility, speed

and strength work



$600 with a discount for pre–registering

This breaks down to approximately $10 per hour



“When I signed up for the program I wanted to make improvements on all parts of my game. After one month of intense work, I think I have improved on every part….my bat speed improved as my mechanics improved…..I now believe I am a much better hitter both physically and mentally. The strength and speed training was hard, but probably the best workouts I have ever been a part of. I know for a fact that none of my teammates worked half as hard as I have over this time…..The money spent for this academy is definitely

the best investment I have ever made in terms of my baseball career. I would recommend it to anyone.”

–Ted Tom, former player at Shawnee State and current Head Coach at Shawnee State (Ohio)


“Coach Golden’s Development Academy was a success for me. The strong points were the overall knowledge, ‘hands–on’ instruction and conditioning program. It helped me a lot. I drove 90 miles (one way) to get there and it was well worth it.”

–Chris, former player at Muskingum College


“Thanks for everything RG…..summer program was a BIG help. The program paid off “BIG time” when we got to conditioning in the fall.”

–Lance, former player at Capital University


“Ron, thank you for all that you guys did with Chris’ pitching development this summer. It lifted his

confidence and gave him an opportunity to play in college.”

–Janet, parent of Chris



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