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Elite Academy

Many parents contact us during the season and want to schedule additional work for their son to “sharpen, ‘fine tune’ and even tweak” some aspect(s) of his play… Some just want a “check up” prior to, or around, tournament time. Whatever the reason we invite players to work with our staff in a very supervised and structured way to meet their respective needs.

While many of the attendees are doing well, they want our advanced specialized instruction (to supplement their fine play)!

3 days of specific skill work to improve a players: hitting, pitching and catching is provided. A circuit station format is designed to promote this type of specialized work.

Each day’s session is 2 hours and 15 minutes and a player can both hit AND pitch or hit AND catch or just do any one of the skills. The coach–to–player ratio provides for quality



Players are grouped by grade level:

· Senior Division for players entering grade 9 to 12

· Junior Division for players entering grade 6 to 8


There is NO competition …only “high impact” instruction. Parents are welcome to observe

and even video the sessions.

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