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Choosing the Right Private Instruction for Your Player

The GOLDEN BASEBALL ACADEMY is dedicated to Player Development and Instruction…This is our primary service. We are about results! We are not about leagues, cage rental, uniform sales, tournaments, parties, etc. Our concept is about specialization and improvement in baseball skill….period!

Our instruction is very structured and organized. We employ a circuit–training format and utilize a variety of drills to enhance the instruction of all baseball skills. When it comes to baseball instruction, the following concepts should be major considerations that every parent (and player) should analyze and review before selecting an instructor:

It is expected that the instructor is knowledgeable, but can he communicate and relate with the player? Is he concerned about the players he instructs? Is he “above board”? Most of the instructors (if not all) have played the game, but that is not always enough. A player’s resume is not an end it and of itself. Some of the “best” players make the worst coaches and/or mangers. Remember: it’s not

about the instructor, it’s about the player.

Be sure that the instruction is based on sound mechanical principles and not some newly invented or construed fad….Go with a program that teaches principles of the skill(s). Agility, body balance, footwork, “eye-hand” coordination are important principles to consider in how one teaches skills. 

Be sure that the instructor follows a specific “teaching system”…While everyone has his own style or touch, if the coach gets cannot attend a lesson for whatever reason and has to be replaced, can the “replacement instructor” teach the player in a

similar manner to the original instructor?

Look for consistency in instruction! A Proven Track Record is what a parent and a player should find when selecting a person to help one improve his baseball skills.

While flexibility and change are important, the bottom line should be “will I get the desired results I am anticipating”?

Finding the right instructor takes time, effort and some “cross–checking”. We welcome you and your player to our baseball school and encourage you to check us out thoroughly before deciding to join with us, but once you do, I am sure that you will not be  disappointed….we boast a great retention rate!

One–on–one instruction (along with small group lessons of 4–to–1) is the best way to capitalize on teaching and learning proper baseball skills. Our lessons are 30 minutes in length for the private and usually 45 minutes for the small group sessions. These sessions emphasize fundamental skill development in the areas of: hitting; pitching; catching; and, general defense.

Lessons are packaged in a group of 6 or 12 and are offered usually once to twice a week. After an initial package is completed, players can reschedule additional packages.

While we offer an individual lesson, it is recommended that this be done ONLY after lessons one (or a group) has taken at least a 6–pack. One lesson, by itself, we feel is not a good investment. Recognizing that it takes several thousand reps to “break” or modify a habit, one session can hardly do more than serve as a superficial benefit! Not much can be achieved in less than 6 lessons.



We are not “a Quick Fix” or instant solution…as they do not exist! We are not Short Term as we focus on long–term development

We do NOT Clone every player. We adhere to basic principles built on “sound” and proven methods and techniques that yield positive results. We allow for, and encourage, individual styles.

We are NOT perfect and neither are the players…In fact, most will go backward before they advance forward!

AND FINALLY, We are not the player’s substitute parent or his babysitter. WE are his instructor….nothing more and nothing less…




Great question… “Our season NEVER ends”. A lot of our individual and small– group work takes place during the winter season, but we provide lessons on a year– aroundbasis.

Since the lessons are “custom designed” we get together when the player needs the help. Remember: hands–on training enhances one’s learning of the skills!




Ron Golden has assembled an outstanding professional staff of experienced coaches known for their ability to share their insight and knowledge and help players improve on the basics….Each program has a limited enrollment to promote a small instructor–to–player ratio…


1 lesson $ 60,  Group = $45 per player

6 lessons $345, Group = $250 per player

12 lessons $575, Group = $450 per player


Note: Parents are responsible to coordinate and develop the group of 4 We have an “on–going” registration plan with NO starting dates. Schedules are mutually determined. During the months of November through March we do have a set schedule time as follows:


Sundays: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Mondays through Thursdays: 3:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Closed on Fridays and Saturdays

During the remainder of the year (April through October) the hours are flexible due to this being a time when many players are playing on their team and the lessons might be given outdoors (usually at Clowson Field, home of Capital University) or

indoors in Huntington Park. For directions to Clowson Field go to Capital’s website ( and go to athletics. From there go to baseball and find the location.


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