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Ron Golden

Ron founded Baseball Instructional Service, Inc. in 1978 and has served as President and Executive Director since its inception.  The company began as a baseball through education enterprise marketing books and related instructional material to coaches, parents and players.  Summer camps were the first actual type of program that evolved (in 1979).  The baseball school has grown and expanded into a multifaceted operation.  Many quality and select programs like: the annual high school Showcase (and now a PreShowcase to prep for the actual event); a Winter Academy (featuring live pitching to live hitting indoors); an actual Fall Instructional Academy meeting for seven weeks and featuring both solid instruction and weekend competition are examples of existing programs that have been, and currently still being, emulated by other businesses and schools both in the area and outside the central Ohio border.


Ron Golden has assisted many former players and students to reach the collegiate and professional ranks.  Golden knows how to spot talent and then assist in the placement process.


Coach Ron Golden is the founder and first President of the Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) which has developed into a major summer youth program in the United States and internationally.


Golden's last coaching assignment was from 1992-1996 as the manager of the Central Ohio Collegiate Baseball Club, a member of the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League (wood bat).  Many players have matriculated to the professional ranks from this team.


Ron Golden has transformed Ron Goldens Baseball School into Central Ohios leader for providing quality training and instruction to players of all ages.  The baseball school recently expanded its boundaries into Central Florida (the Orlando area).





The primary purpose of Ron Golden's Baseball School is to help players improve their self esteem, confidence and overall baseball ability in a controlled environment under the watchful eye of skilled instructors.


We teach, train, evaluate and develop players.  Then we help to place them at the next level; be it summer travel or college ball.


Some baseball business provide their facility for outside use; they have machines to offer and rent space.


We are INSTRUCTIONAL & DEVELOPMENTAL and, we pledge to out work all the others!




We want to make a difference in a players development and help him to take his game to The Next Level!


Our approach is to offer a variety of programs so that each player will have the opportunity to improve his skills and learn the game.


Once a player can make the necessary adjustments in his play, he will better prepare himself to advance and play at the highest level his ability will take him.  Our vision, therefore, is to watch each player we come into contact with and help to position him for success.  No exceptions.

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